Here’s why Your Home Hair Dye Job Was a Disaster

Here’s why Your Home Hair Dye Job Was a Disaster

You’re smart, you’re brave, and you’re a bit low on cash, which is why you decided to dye your hair at home.

You got a box of the hair dye you wanted, Googled some instructions and watched YouTube tutorials and felt very clever as you colored your hair a light blonde.

But, now you’re stuck with yellow, almost brassy-looking hair with a green tinge on it (where in the world did that even come from?!)

Want to know why this at-home dye job was such a disaster? Here are some possible answers!

At-Home Hair Dye Mistakes You Might’ve Made

-You Bought the Dye by Judging the Color on the Box

Pictures can be deceiving, especially when it comes to glamour shots on products. Those photos are usually heavily photo-shopped, so the color you see on the box, isn’t really what results when you use the dye.

Your hair is also of a different original shade, so unless you cut-down your hair, the dye won’t be able to give you the color you need.

When in doubt, professional colorists usually go with a shade lighter, so that even if it goes darker, it won’t be too dark.

– You Chose a Permanent Hair Color

You must indeed be a very brave soul to choose a permanent color the first time around!

With first-time dye jobs, we always recommend a semi-permanent shade that washes out over the next 8-10 washes. This way, you can choose a shade that best suits you and not worry about having it permanently stamped on you until a colorist fixes it.

– You Colored Damaged Hair

If you already have damaged hair i.e. dry, brittle, easily breakable or thin hair, dying them will only make them worse. The chemicals used in hair dyes can cause some serious hair fall, and even stain them. It is best if you get your hair treated before trying any color experiments.

– You Chose a Color that Clashes with Your Skin Tone

There are two types of tones when it comes to hair color; warm and cool. Those who have red or pink skin tones should try cooler shades such as cool brown, beige or ash etc to balance the redness of their skin.

Those with yellow undertones should try warmer colors such as honey, caramel, golden or bronze.

– You Didn’t Use Box Dye at all

Instead, you used ‘alternative dying options’ like Henna or worse; Kool-aid! While

henna isn’t at all an offensive option (it’s been used to dye hair for centuries), it can only be used on your hair for a certain time. Otherwise, it will dye your hair carrot red.

As for Kool-aid, it’s a drink mix.


 So, What Do You Do?

Simple; you come to us so we can fix your hair!

At the end of the day, at-home hair dye jobs aren’t really worth it, since you don’t have the expert skills that a professional colorist would have.

So book an appointment at GM Hair Design Color Specialist! Let us give you the hairstyle and color you so desire!